Duchess Gaming Table

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Duchess Gaming Table

Duchess Gaming Table

Playing Board Games And Sharing A Meal Seem Like Two Of The Very Few Activities People Of All Ages Still Like To Do That Involve, Real, Face-To-Face, Technology-Free Human Interaction*. Well, Relatively Speaking. The Fully-Loaded Duchess Is Going To Kickstarter Backers For $599.

Top slots Machines says  that’s A Fraction Of What You’d Pay For A Similar High-Quality Convertible Table Able To Comfortably Seat 6 Dinner Guests Who Will Never Know “There Is A Half Finished Game Of Pandemic Just Inches Below Their Chicken Parm.”

For Avid Board, Card, And Role-Playing Gamers, The Duchess Aims To Deliver A Superlative Experience With:

A 3″ Wide Rail Around The Edge. This Gives Players A Place To Rest Their Arms Without Blocking Views Of Others’ Players Boards, And Prevents Dice And Other Game Pieces From Rolling, Bouncing, Or Dropping On The Floor.

A Padded Play Surface That Facilitates Picking Up Tiles And Cards.

A Quad Of Cupholders That Slide Out From Underneath The Table For Storing Drinks During Play, And Gaming Pieces During Dinner.

A Wood Tabletop That Fits In Between The Rails, Filling In The 2-1/4″ Depth, And Creating A Gap-Free, 3-1/2′ X 5-1/2′ Eating Surface (Play Area Is 3′ X 5′).



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